How it works is this:

We come to your premises where we collect, measure, and record the amount of waste cooking oil taken. This information is recorded on an ipad so the entire transaction is quick and paperless. You can opt in to receive emails advising you of the details of the transaction and your FryBuys totals are updated accordingly. Once you’ve accumulated enough FryBuys dollars, you can request the reward of your choice.

It’s that simple!

What can I do with my points?

Many of our customers choose to redeem their FryBuys points to purchase our high quality cooking oil – we offer Canola and Rice Bran oil – subject to availability. You can also use your points to purchase gift vouchers to the store of your choice.

You’ll have your own login to the FryBuys portal and will be able to keep track of your FryBuys points at all times.

Collect points, earn rewards

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