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Fry Buys Terms and Conditions

Southern Biofuels Ltd FRY BUYS Terms and Conditions


Membership of the Southern Biofuels Ltd FRY BUYS programme is free for its individual customers and employees (or shareholders) of its corporate customers.

Only individuals may be members.  Any individual who wishes to become a member must agree to be bound by these Terms and conditions, as varied from time to time.

Unless specifically agreed otherwise with Southern Biofuels, only one individual member per corporate customer is permitted.

Collecting Points

Points will be recorded under the Southern Biofuels Ltd FRY BUYS member’s name or business name at  

The points accumulating are not in lieu of a lower cash price for the relevant transactions i.e. the members or their employers do not pay a higher price than anyone else who is not a member of the loyalty scheme.

Claiming a reward

A member who has sufficient points in his or her points record may request a reward of their choice.  Requests must be made by the member personally, and their account with Southern Biofuels Ltd must be current.

The member redeems their points online by notifying by email Southern biofuels Ltd FRY BUYS of the purchase they wish.  Southern Biofuels will then make the purchase and forward by mail or email the purchase details to the Southern Biofuels FRY BUYS member.

It is the member’s responsibility to satisfy any terms and conditions imposed by an airline or other chosen reward including advance booking requirements and any restrictions on and/or fees payable in respect of the cancellation or alteration of tickets.

Not Transferable

Membership cards are not transferable and are the property of Southern Biofuels Ltd FRY BUYS.  Points, and any rights they confer, cannot be sold, transferred, assigned or otherwise dealt with except in accordance with these Terms and Conditions or as otherwise agreed between Southern Biofuels Ltd FRY BUYS and the relevant member.

The points are equated with a New Zealand dollar value to avoid confusion.  It does not mean the rewards can be sold, assigned or gifted, or converted for cash.


In completing an application, you must supply your correct name and address. Using a false name or another person's name (whether or not paired with a genuine address) may be fraudulent. Southern Biofuels Ltd FRY BUYS reserves the right to notify law enforcement agencies and to pursue any remedies that may be available in the case of improper use of Southern Biofuels Ltd FRY BUYS website and other systems.

A member cannot claim a reward using points recorded in the member’s point record that the member knows, or ought to know, have been recorded in error or as a result of fraud.  If, in Southern Biofuels Ltd FRY BUYS opinion, a member claims a reward using points that the member knew, or ought to have known, were recorded against the member’s points record in error or as a result of fraud, the member will promptly return the reward to FRY BUYS, Southern Biofuels Ltd.

Disputes about the amount of Southern Biofuels Ltd FRY BUYS points must be notified to Southern Biofuels Ltd within thirty (30) days of the issue of the points.  The Southern Biofuels Ltd FRY BUYS points will otherwise be taken to be correct and binding on the Southern Biofuels Ltd FRY BUYS member.  Southern Biofuels Ltd FRY BUYS decision on any such dispute is final and binding.

Southern Biofuels Ltd FRY BUYS gives no warranty of the continued availability of the scheme and reserves the right to cancel it at any time, subject to notice of ONE month.